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How perception changes even though your opinion might not

As I am writing another post, it got me thinking about privacy. Isn’t it interesting how much one’s perception of a certain problem can change even though one’s opinion has not.

I clearly remember discussions on a popular tech forum more than 15 years ago. Every once in a while some user might start complaining that they want their content removed. This oftentimes starts when someone wants to leave or quit using the service and is typically accompanied by some form of dissatisfaction or even a fight. As far as I know, by far most forums on the internet have the same opinion on this issue: one can clear his user account, however the statements/posts/comments stay on-line, as they are part of the discussion of the time. It is similar to how one would say what is on his mind and you cannot make other people “unhear” what you just said and you cannot erase it from their memory afterwards either.

Nowadays, there is so much focus on privacy issues, while we put much more information on (public) social networks. We expect all kinds of “privacy features” of these social networks, even though they are just straw men.

Some user posted a link on how you should delete your Skype account. And upon a quick first scan of this article, I was astounded of the fact that there wasn’t a simple ‘click to delete this account’ button. It actually takes a few seconds before you realize that this is the very same issue as 15+ years ago: this random user wanted to clear his account including his participation at the time.

It is interesting to think about how one can sometimes respond “on a reflex” due to the many recent popularized/hyped discussions on privacy, while the other side of the coin are the users themselves …