Intel HD4000 on Linux kernel v3.10 causes blank screen

There seems to be a bug in Linux kernel version 3.10.

The Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD, which has an Intel HD4000 video card, boots into Linux and when the video mode switches, ends up with a blank screen. You can see that the backlight of the screen isn’t off, so it is not related to the screen lighting.

For me, what fixed this problem was to disable Secure Boot and to enable CSM support in the BIOS. When using UEFI mode (w/ or w/o Secure Boot) and booting into Linux, I run into this problem and there nothing else to do other than to reboot. When booting into a version 3.9 kernel the problem simply isn’t there. Also, when I disable Secure Boot and enable CSM (compatibility mode for non-UEFI supported systems) this problem also disappears.

This problem does not seem to be related to any distribution in particular. The problem exists both on Fedora 19 and Debian testing (Jessie).

UPDATE: and both seem to be related. They talk about the work around of setting vendor-controlled brightness or adjusting brightness. This is reasonable since the lowest brightness actually does result in a blank screen, however this does not work for me.

The patch that is discussed seems to solve the problem. I have not tried this yet, but for some of you this may be the solution you have been waiting for.

UPDATE 2013-12-13: I can now confirm that this issue is resolved in Debian jessie’s linux image version 3.11.10-1. (See

According to the changelog they fixed an issue with brightness level set to 0. This does indeed fix the problem and I am happily booting an EFI-enabled (CSM disabled) system again.


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